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For more than 10 years,
I have been a proud instructor and coach for the BCC Baseball Organization…

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Session Type

1 hour *1.5 hour Multi-Session
*1 hour catching/30min video analysis


Stance, Receiving, Blocking, Bunt Plays, Plays at the Plate, Throwing Footwork, Pop-ups, Pass Ball Recovery


In my opinion the most important aspect of a catcher is his mental approach to the game. Great catchers do not just put the gear at game time and jump behind the plate. Great catchers begin learning how to work out by themselves or with a partner at practice. Think back to all the coaches you have ever played for or practiced with. What does the catcher do at practice? Stand there next to the coach and shag balls while he is teaching the rest of the positions how to play. This is why it is very important to teach catchers how to prepare themselves for a game. Remember, coaches MUST be able to trust their catchers. They are the on-field generals of the team. If a coach cannot trust a player to practice correctly they cannot trust them to be in control of the field.