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Meet Coach david

For more than 10 years,
I have been a proud instructor and coach for the BCC Baseball Organization…

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Private, semi-private, small group, & team lessons are available. Please contact us today for pricing and availability. 

Session Type

1 hour *1.5 hour Multi-Session
*1 hour fielding/30min video analysis


Stance, Glove Work (short, in-between and long Hops) Tags (sweep, straight down and V Tags), Throwing Mechanics, Around the Bag Footwork, Double Plays


The 4 infield positions get split up into 2 categories "Middle Infield" or "Corner Infield". There are a few factors that go into categorizing each infield position Arm-Strength, Speed, Hand Coordination and Body Types. Middle infielders typically have very good hand coordination and good foot speed. Corner infielders can have bigger bodies and use their body to block the ball then use a strong arm to throw the runners out. Let's face it not everyone can be an ALL-STAR SHORTSTOP. It is important to remember that the position you play as an 8 year old will be different than when you are 18. As your body changes good coaches will also change your position.